If You Had to Choose…

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE between giving up your phone (which has no internet access) for the week, or access to the internet, which would you choose? Why?

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8 thoughts on “If You Had to Choose…

  1. I’d give up my phone in a heartbeat, because I HATE talking on the phone. I have 2 lines at home, and a cellphone. The world can have them. Please let me keep my internet!!! lol

  2. Most definatly the phone is dispensible to me. The daily phone business is not my thing. It’s full of repetitious conversations that have gotten stale long ago, manely gossip about someone elses misfortunes. On the other hand, the internet is always fresh,sometimes maybe a little redundent but none the less it keeps me thoroughly entertained.

  3. I would give up my phone. I have three other adults in the house to re-route my calls to but, I can’t listen to my music, check/send my mail, talk to my family, (they’re All on Face Book), practice fencing…etc, without the internet. 🙂

  4. i would prob give up my phone. i’m not a phone person and i can get the internet anywhere. i can text from my email and contact anyone i need 2.
    on the other hand i dont have inernet acess @ home so what would i do in the case of an emergency? hmmm….i think i’d have 2 keep my phone.
    but if i did have internet acess @ home i’d give up my phone….LOL! does that answer the question!!

  5. Although I feel like I can’t live without going online everyday, if I had to give up something for a week–just a week, right? :-)—, I’d do without the internet and keep my phone. I still have important people who can’t reach me unless it’s by phone.

  6. I would most definitely give up the Internet. My family and friends have the capability to reach me when they need me by phone. I can go days without getting on to the Internet. I would certainly keep my phone in case of emergencies.

  7. I would give up my phone. I am such a news junkie it is hard for me to go with out logging on to the net. And anyone that needed to talk to me could send me an e-mail:-)

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