If You Could Choose…

IF YOU COULD CHOOSE one year of your life to relive, what year (or age) would you choose? Why?  …in other words – what was your best year ever?

[Please answer below]


6 thoughts on “If You Could Choose…

  1. I never look back at what I’ve left behind. Too much life and living ahead to romanticize what has already past and cannot be changed.

    • LOL…okay, let me rephrase the question: thinking back over your lifetime – while still moving forward – what year/age would you say holds the fondest memories for you? Why?

  2. The year I would choose is my sophomore year of high school which was 1984/85. That is when I met my very best friend who I call my godsister. That is also the time when I met my first love KB. I would love to relive that year because I was so happy hanging out with my best friend and my high school sweetie. My best friend Jay and I are still very close and KB and I have reunited after 23 years but we are only friends now. The relationships I had with Jay and KB I hold special to my heart.

  3. Weirdly, I don’t think I’ve had a day I’d go back to. I think I’ve yet to have a day that I would want relive…
    Interesting question though…

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