Making the World a Better Place, One Book at a Time

When 10-year-old Maria of Minneapolis asked her mom why all kids don’t read as much as Maria does, her mom explained that not all children have access to books. Maria was astounded. She simply couldn’t believe that there are children in this world who have never owned a book, held a book or even been read to. So, Maria has set out to change this by making the world a better place, one book at a time.

Maria has an ambitious goal: to distribute one million books to kids in need.

It has been one year since Maria, then age 9, announced that she wants to collect and distribute one million books to needy kids by the time she’s 18. And she’s well on her way.

As of June 2010, Maria has collected and distributed more than 300,000 books to kids throughout the world. She is busy holding book drives, sorting books, counting books and orchestrating the delivery and shipping of the books to get then into the hands of children who need them. She loves distributing the books directly to the kids themselves at farmers markets, day cares and other events for children.

Thousands of people have been touched by Maria’s zest for reading and her understanding of the important role books play in kids’ lives. Maria is a wonderful angel who will continue to touch many lives.

Learn more about Maria’s efforts and Read Indeed, the literacy organization she helped found.



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