What Makes You Smile?

The question is simple enough, right? WHAT makes you smile?

Name at least one thing (you can name as many as you’d like) that puts a smile on your face.

[Please answer below]


2 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. What makes me smile? Once I’ve set my eyes on the miraculous beauty that God has givin us, I smile. At the vibrant green trees with the blue skys as their background, how the sun sets and the sky takes on such beauty as it streaks with shades of red and yellow and purple, a field of spring flowers nestled on a hillside blowing gently with a breeze, the calming beauty of a caribbean blue sea, a autuum day in the northeast as the hues of red and gold give trees a new demention, a snowy day in the country-side with farmhouses covered in glistening white snow, and even a rainy day with its gray skies that make the green trees look as if they are lit by neon make me smile.

  2. Seeing people “get it”. When Im ministering to someone, the look on their faces tell me that they either get it or not.

    I love when kids are happy that their mom granted thier request for something theyve ask for. Sorta like when God blesses us, we are Thankful. Im happy when people are healed, and when things workout for others from prayer. I love people so I can go on and on. Great topic!

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