Stepping Out of the ‘Comfort Zone’

This past weekend marked the one year anniversary of my first tandem skydive. Although it was not on my ‘bucket list’, I am so happy that I did it – for two reasons:

Thanks to my dear friend Diana, we both jumped on the anniversary of the Katrina disaster, 8.29.10, to support charities. Perhaps, if we were just jumping for the fun of it, we both might have been a little bit more apprehensive. However, we were exhilarated knowing that we were doing it for a cause. Heck, my heart starts racing every time I’ve been on a roller coaster! (you must ride with me sometime, if you can…I’ll be crying…you’ll be laughing lol) And, heaven knows the video they showed prior to the jump and all of the releases we had to sign sure wouldn’t have helped the matter, had we considered backing out; however, at no point on our way to the site – or even while sitting on a plane with no doors – did we fear what we were about to do. The second both of my feet were out of the plane, sailing through the air felt just as natural and safe as if I had been walking down the street – in fact – safer. (Let me not count how many things I’ve tripped over or bumped into). I have to admit it was emotional, for the mere fact of why we were doing it and that I was doing something I ‘never’ thought I would ever attempt to do in my life. On the glide down, just looking at the ground from the perspective that the majority of the people on this planet will never see, was surreal. The exact feeling is hard to describe. It was light…airy…as if I was being lowered to the earth by a cloud. I will never forget that day for the special reason we did it and the special person that I shared it with.

Going back a few years, another challenge that I decided to undertake was going scuba diving. This didn’t strike any fear in me at all…at first. I had already been snorkeling a decade or so beforehand; so, I just assumed it would be pretty much the same…just at a lower depth. After donning our scuba gear, our group went out and practiced breathing exercises before we were allowed to go deep. I was one of the worst. For some reason, I just couldn’t get it. I know the instructor had to have been frustrated after a while. There was no way I was going to give up, and thankfully, the instructor was extremely patient. She took her time until I was finally able to breath under water for a good length of time.

Once we got the ‘go-ahead’, we all started off pretty much in the same area, but soon split off from one another. Some stayed closer to shore but, I wanted to challenge myself and go further out…and deeper. My initial fear had subsided and as I swam out, all alone, I marveled at the beauty of the underwater world. It was amazing. Nothing surrounding me except crystal water and beautiful underwater life. I don’t recall how long I was under, but those moments were filled with such tranquility, I could have stayed for much longer. When I eventually came up and our lesson was over, I was so thankful that I hadn’t given up and pushed through. It was another remarkable experience that I will never forget.

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve stayed in your ‘comfort zone’ due to your fear of failing…or just plain fear? If so, you’ll never know if you ‘could have’ if you don’t at least attempt to try it.  And once you do, you’ll be glad you did; because, even if things don’t exactly go as planned, at least you’ll never have to say to yourself, “I wish I did” or “I wonder what would have happened, if….”

BTW, although I’ve stepped out of my ‘comfort zone’ on a lot of things – I’ve been waaaay above ground and waaaay below – I’m still working on one of my fears on solid ground…speaking up for myself lol I’m working on it – but, I tell ya, it’s a lot easier to jump out of an airplane. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stepping Out of the ‘Comfort Zone’

    • Yes, it can be a scary thing to try and undertake something that you’ve never done before, especially if you psyche yourself into believing there will be a negative outcome. We’ve all talked ourselves out of doing something because of that four letter word – fear. Perhaps if you start with something small – just to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment – it will make it a bit easier to take a bigger step for the next obstacle. Give it a try. Just never say….never 😉

  1. thanks for this posting silawn. something i’m battling within myself now of stepping over things and not being afraid. and definitely don’t want to look back and say my “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” must carpe diem! now wonder if i could do skydiving may add that to the list of things to overcome

    • You’ve come so far already and have accomplished so much. Please don’t let your fear stifle you. You are very talented and extremely creative. Don’t let all of your hard work be for naught. I KNOW you have it in you, Tif. GO FOR IT!

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