Second Chance with a Golden Voice

This is such a heartwarming story. I feel so happy for this man being given a second chance to live out his dreams. He seems so grateful for the opportunity that was given to him by a stranger.

Two things can be learned from this story:  One – we all need to take the chance and lend a helping hand to others. You never know when a simple gesture can change someones life. Two –  even when you’re at your lowest point, keep the faith and keep going. Things can turn around for the better when you least expect them to.

Ted Williams Today Show Interview

Ted is reunited with his mother after 10 years


2 thoughts on “Second Chance with a Golden Voice

    • I do, as well. He has a very tough road ahead. But never say never, he can get through it as long as it it truly what he wants and he surrounds himself with the right people.

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