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One More Surprise for Sheri!

First of all, I must say how much of a big fan of Ellen Degeneres I am – and have been for many, many years; not only of her humor, but because of her spirit and genuine kindness.

I was watching her show a few months ago when Ellen first surprised this mom of five boys. Hearing her story practically brought me to tears. The initial surprise was such a heartwarming moment, after all that she has been through. On today’s show Ellen brought her back for one more surprise….make that two. 🙂


Nadin Surprised by His Idol on ‘The View’

The story is a sad one that we hear all too often, another child bullied. Not all of these stories have a happy ending. Here is one that does:


Bullied middle schooler Nadin Khoury gets surprise on The View from Eagles’ star Desean Jackson

By Nina Mandell

DeSean Jackson may not be in the Super Bowl, but for one Philadelphia boy, the wide receiver is this year’s MVP.

Jackson surprised Nadin Khoury, a Pennsylvania middle schooler who made national news when videos emerged on Youtube of him being bullied, Thursday on “The View”.

Nadin appeared on the show to raise awareness about bullying after his story shocked the nation. But meeting Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg paled compared to the guests they brought out for him.

Upon seeing Jackson, Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans, the middle schooler and his family immediately broke into tears, then stood up to greet the boy’s idols.

“I was sitting in the back room and seeing the video, and I just wanted to say you’re brave,” Jackson told the star-struck 13-year-old. “Because people go through this every day and are not brave enough to take this on.”

He then took his Eagles jersey off, signed it and gave it to Nadin.

“Anytime you need us, I got two lineman right here,” he said. “Anything ever happen again, you let us know, we got you.”

Nadin composed himself enough to thank the players and tell Jackson, “You’re my favorite player of all time.”

The players also promised to get Nadin’s family passes to games the next season.

The gesture earned Jackson and the players plenty of praise from around the country. But on his Twitter page, Jackson redirected the praise to the brave 13-year-old, who is likely to never take off his new jersey.

“Nadin is the real deal,” he tweeted. “He’s doin’ his best.”