One More Surprise for Sheri!

First of all, I must say how much of a big fan of Ellen Degeneres I am – and have been for many, many years; not only of her humor, but because of her spirit and genuine kindness.

I was watching her show a few months ago when Ellen first surprised this mom of five boys. Hearing her story practically brought me to tears. The initial surprise was such a heartwarming moment, after all that she has been through. On today’s show Ellen brought her back for one more surprise….make that two. 🙂


11 thoughts on “One More Surprise for Sheri!

  1. That was definitely a poor choice of words, I was focused on the traveling part but there is that minor detail of getting a ticket! LOL!

    Wow, with all those close calls, the day you finally meet her might be pretty special… like you being the big winner in one of her giveaways! 🙂

    Ok, I had to find a prank. Did you see this one with Sofia Vergara? Hilarious!

    I just remembered another one at the drive thru that was pretty funny too. I know she LOVES her job!

  2. What a blessing!

    I love Ellen too, she truly has a good heart and is so sweet and caring. I really hope I can get to a taping of her show the next time I’m in California.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, she does…and is I also luv the fact that she is kind and caring to animals, as well 🙂

      It’s so funny that you say you hope you can go to a taping next time you’re in L.A. I remember when I was living in New York, I enjoyed her show so much, I considered flying out just to go to her show. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost two years and I have yet to go.

      • I started to mention her love for animals too, I was thinking it! Did you see the clip of the two cows trying to predict who would win the superbowl? That was so cute!

        I get that, it’s like the desire to go is not as strong because you know you can get there easily. 🙂

        • Yes. I saw the episode with the cows. That was too funny.

          I like when she tries to prank folks, especially when she uses the IFBs. Her show is always just good fun and she seems to be having just as much fun as the audience. Speaking of which …

          It’s not that I can get there easily; trust me, I would go in a heartbeat. I think she has a long waiting list. 😦 I always JUST miss her. I was supposed to go to one of her stand-up shows years ago (I think it was being taped for HBO or Comedy Central. I don’t recall). I had to work and couldn’t go. Then I was supposed to work her show she was taping in Las Vegas a year or two ago, but I couldn’t go because I was in NYC and didn’t have the money to get to Vegas. Most recently, I worked the MTV Video Music Awards and she was there. I didn’t find out until they announced over the headset that she was getting in her car and leaving. lol However, i did go to her premiere in Central Park a few years ago. I had planned on being on line early in the morning, but my friends who were staying over turned off the alarm clock and we got there much later than I wanted to arrive and we weren’t as close as we could have been. Thousands of folks were there. It wasn’t the same as being in the studio with a couple of hundred people. Sooner or later, I’m sure I’ll get to go to her show. 🙂

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