One Girl, One Voice…A Million Ways to Make a Difference

Many know Shaun Robinson as the  TV host of Access Hollywood. She is also an Emmy award-winning journalist and author of  “Exactly As I Am”, a 2009 book dedicated to building the self-esteem of young girls.

Most recently she has created the ‘One Girl, One Voice: A Million Ways to Make a Difference Movement’. In her words, “I want to create a sisterhood of young ladies who know that individually and collectively, we are a POWERFUL force and can manifest the change we wish to see in the world!”

With so many negative images and influences that surround our youth – especially, in entertainment – Shaun is definitely a wonderful role model, who uses her celebrity to encourage and uplift others.

Young girls can benefit from her book and  website. If you know any young girls, please share the book and the site with them. There can never be too many positive influences.

Follow Shaun on twitter for very positive and inspirational tweets!/MsShaunRobinson

Check out the site here and watch the video below.

“Ten Rules for Girls with Strong Self-Esteem”


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