Tough Situations Never Last…Tough People Do

In life, we will all go through many ups and downs. Everyone deals with the ‘downs’ in different ways.  Some become bitter, vengeful, helpless, give up…and others use the downs as motivation to do better, become better.

Many reading this may not know the name, Tiquan Underwood. I have to admit, up until yesterday I had never heard of him, either. All of that changed when I saw the following tweet by actress, Holly Robinson-Peete, “HOW DO YOU CUT A PLAYER less than 24 hrs b4 SUPERBOWL? #icecold Poor Tiquan Underwood his FAMILY & Friends all likely in INDY! Wow Patriots”. Underwood played defense for the New England Patriots, who will be facing the New York Giants in the Superbowl today.

Granted, to some this may be “just a football game”, however, when this is deemed to be the ultimate goal in his professional career, to have the rug pulled out from underneath him the day before the “biggest game in sports”, cannot be easy and was undoubtedly heartbreaking. Tiquan could have taken to his twitter account and lashed out at ‘those who had done him wrong’.  After all, the wound was fresh. Who would have blamed him? He was so excited and loved the organization so much, he had their logo shaved into the back of his head. He had flown to Indianapolis in preparation to play; his family and friends were excited to see him play.

The news of the heartless cut by his team was not only a professional and personal blow, it was an embarrassment on a national level.  Tiquan’s response was as follows:

“This Is Nothing But MOTIVATION….”

“I Been Thru A LOT…But There Are Ppl In This World w/ More Serious Problems So I Cant Hang The Head….Thank You Lord #Blessed

“Good Luck To The New Enland (sic) Organization, The Coaches, & All My Teammates… #PatsNation”

“THANK YOU To Everyone Supporting/Wishing Me Well (Fam,Friends,Ppl Who Dont Kno Me Personally) To Those Happy About What Happen…God Bless U”

“THANK YOU Everyone For Your Support & Sympathy. Im Fine, This Will Only Make Me Stronger…Tough Times Never Last But Tough Ppl Do #TeamWood

As hurtful as this must have been, Underwood put everything in perspective. He noted that others were going through much more and gave thanks because he was “blessed.”  Hopefully, this will be an inspiration to others who think that just because they were dealt a major blow, they still have a lot to be thankful for.  It’s not the end for Tiquan Underwood. Based on how he chose to deal with this situation – with maturity and class – if he continues on this path, I have no doubts that he has a promising future, in both his professional and personal lives. Good luck, Tiquan…and GOD BLESS!


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