What is the Lesson?

After many, many years on this earth, I’ve come to realize that there is a lesson in every encounter and every experience. When I was much younger, if something (or someone) bad happened to me, the first question I would ask, would be, “Why?” I would then wrack my brain trying to figure out what I possibly could have done to deserve it.  It took a very long time to realize that many times, people and situations enter your life for several reasons – to make you stronger, to prepare you for something else, or to open your eyes to a situation that you may not even have been aware of. You can always learn from every situation and every person you encounter.

As those of you who have been following my autobiography know, there have been many experiences that I have gone through that have not been the best. I have done for some, only to find out at a later date, they had not been genuine and had an agenda all along.  I have been friends to some with smiling faces, to find out they had ulterior motives. As hurtful as these situations may have been, my skin is much thicker now and I’ve learned to just move on with no regrets. You cannot control what’s in another person’s heart. That is the lesson that I learned about those situations.

I have always been relatively healthy, so, when my recent medical situation came about, I knew there was a reason I was going through the situation. Again, I wracked my brain, “God is trying to tell me something. What is it?”  Many people told me that my body was trying to tell me to ‘slow down’. In a sense, I get that. But, I still knew there was something more.  After weeks and weeks of well wishes, prayers, and even orders to “slow down”, I thought the lesson was to show me who the truly sincere people were in my life. That very well may have been one of the lessons, but, there was one that was even bigger.

My number one concern the first week I had to take off from work was, “Oh, my goodness – my poor boss. What is going to happen to him with the office closed for a week. He has a family to support! My stress increased more-so for his business than my health.  The same thoughts ran through my mind regarding my landlord, when I realized I was going to be out of work for six weeks. “Oh, my goodness. What is he going to do if I can’t pay the rent? He has bills to pay.” My guilt grew each day because I was putting them in a financial bind. I felt even worse because they both had been so good to me and been extremely helpful and caring throughout my hospital stay. The more I thought about them, the less I concentrated on what I needed to be doing to get back on my feet.

Then, an epiphany!

Many people say how useless Facebook and Twitter are. In my case, the many messages, comments,  private calls and emails in response to my posts, made me realize that I really needed to think of myself first. ( I tried to make it back to work and had a minor setback). My rent was late – I told my landlord, I’d pay him as soon as I could. My boss said he needed me at work – I told him, I needed to take care of my medical issue, first. Once I did, I was able to get so much more accomplished and reached the professionals I needed to, to assist me in making a full recovery.  I’m not physically there, yet – but, things are looking up.  I must admit, I still felt a little guilty, but, it felt great making myself a priority. I’m going to start working on making myself a priority much more in the future. LESSON LEARNED.


2 thoughts on “What is the Lesson?

  1. Wow! This is what I’ve come to also, but it took me 8yrd of illness to arrive here. Lol
    That’s why I’ve been so excited for these few short years. Since ’09 I Have been reborn. The excruciating pains of the past ex: upone lying down, in Any position, my body BURNS like my blood is acid wherever it touched a surface.
    I thank GOD EVERYDAY. Regardless of how u Feel because I Always feel alive.
    Now, my body STULL. Burns upon lying, but ONLY in a small isolated part of the my back.

    What looks like baby steps to others, ARE MILESTONES for me.
    The physical, mental, AND emotional challenges have been… ARE difficult. I mean Lady, you just dont know the kind of harrassment I’ve seen this past two year. Then again. Lol you probably are one of the few I’ve had an opportunity to chat a little with that Does Know. *smh*

    People actually telling me that i was going to die in the condition i was in. *smh* …close people… People trying to push More on me than i can physically and/or mentally handle yet…. “..because IF Your GOD can make you so Well then Your GOD can Help you do this too!…” lol

    But Silawn, I LOVE GOD. I love the life… My Essenes… The breathe HE placed in me. So Noone can TOUCH THAT. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT I.. My happiness Belongs to me, through GOD.

    Some ppl borrow there’s… joy…, from some other source. Mine is from GOD.
    It’s not My doing … I have no control over it. HE’s simply ALWAYS been there.. and I Have Been SOOOOO LUCKY, and Lady YOU Have been instrumental in opening my eyes wider to THIS:
    I am Soooo lucky to have my Momma. The kind of Lady she’s always been. My father wasn’t Always the best Cosby rendition, but He Has Always been present, supportive, PROTECTIVE and just a little dotting on his baby girl.

    My father taught me how to box, by allowing me to watch him teach my bros and demonstrate what I’d learned. He belives in women being selfsufficent but, lol he’s old school, and wants them to be protected too.

    {he’s 79yrs 80 n Sept, I’m the “baby” girl, 47yrs old. *smh* he STILL Walks us to the door and frowns at ANYONE who May be peeping our way. Lol h And he WILL GOD get his weapon to defend. Ex cop ALWAYS a cop. }

    My mother’s the Salt. She is All she should Have Been. She is everything good. 😉

    I am so lucky and I thank GOD everyday for them.. For what they’ve given me and my children the tools.. 😉
    Wow missmusze! THANK YOU for the tools
    You’ve helped to provide too.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better.
    Even armed with my considerable optimism ;)) the World would be a lot less sunny without you and those Like you gong forward and toward goodness and light.

    Wth great respect, Love&Peace! ,

    • God Bless you. I am so sorry that you have endured so much pain. However, I luv your statement “I always feel alive”. I truly believe a strong mental attitude helps expedite the healing process. Coincidentally, I had a conversation with someone approximately one hour ago about that very thing. They went through so much during the last few months and said they could have chosen to to wallow in their grief (which would have done absolutely nothing for their mental health) or they could have chosen to stay strong and get through it to the best of their ability. They chose the latter, and although the pain will always be there, they are in a much better place and back to functioning in a relatively normal state.

      I understand what you mean regarding milestones. When I was finally able to left my leg to put my foot on a curb, I had such a feeling of accomplishment and it put the biggest smile on my face. It’s amazing the things we take for granted, until the time comes and we can no longer do the simplest things.

      You are indeed blessed with your Mom and Dad.

      I’m not sure what ‘tools’ I gave you, but, whatever they were, I am glad they were helpful. The #1 purpose of this blog is to helpful and a ‘light bulb’ for others, so to speak, so that they can see situations for the better, while enduring whatever they may be going through. Again, God bless you and thank you so much for your kind words.

      Respect, Love and Peace to you as well 🙂

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