Courage and Determination

If you’ve ever watched a personal video on YouTube, you more than likely have seen negative comments directed towards the person who has uploaded the video – or, even towards others who leave comments. Some of the things stated may, in fact, have absolutely nothing to do with the actual content of the video, and may even steer off into personal attacks, for the mere sake of doing so. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to express their opinion. Over and above that, what point does initiating an attack on someone on the internet serve – especially, if the person you are attacking has no control over what you are attacking them for?

It takes little energy or thought to attack someone over the internet, however, with the safety of distance and anonymity, many choose to do so. However, how would you feel if a complete stranger took the time out of their day to upload a video to specifically make a personal attack on you?

Bullying is a serious situation in every part of the world and too often, some cannot handle the pressure; we have all seen the devastating toll it has taken on too many individuals. It doesn’t take much intellect or courage to attack others – especially, those who cannot defend themselves; however, it does take courage to ignore the negativity of others and move on, without the need for retribution.

Check out the touching video below and see how Lizzie Velasquez, a 23-year-old young woman, handled being bullied for her appearance due to an undiagnosed syndrome that she has had since childbirth. It is truly a remarkable testament to how far someone can go when they don’t let the negative comments of others hold them back.

I have received many responses to many of the posts on this blog, thus far. However, may I request that you please reply in the comment section of the blog  – as opposed to on Twitter, Facebook or emails – so, that all responses will be together. Your comment may be helpful to others who come across something that they can relate to. You can comment anonymously.

Thank you and many blessings.

For more of Lizzie’s inspirational videos, check out her official YouTube page:

Lizzie’s website


2 thoughts on “Courage and Determination

  1. I know what you mean about the comments. Some people can be so cruel, with no regard as to the pain their negativity causes another. When I initially started seeing some comments on YouTube or articles I read, I assumed that it had to be young children that knew no better; but, as she stated, adults are capable of the same actions. It is sad.

    I, too, was smiling and cheering as the video was ending. She is definitely an inspiration for those who are made to feel inferior by thoughtless people. Lizzie you proved just how truly BEAUTIFUL you are.

  2. Go Lizzie, go Lizzie! I ALMOST cried, not at the end because by then I was cheering in my head, but when I read those couple of comments others made! She doesn’t make me sad; she’s definitely a winner, but I cannot, for the life of me, get why people are just so mean—for absolutely NO reason! There are those who would NEVER make some remarks to someone’s face and the internet has provided them with a forum for their evilness, but don’t forget, there are still those who don’t need the internet. They’ll attack one on one. The older I get, the less I understand about human behavior……

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