What can the human mind and body endure? Depending on our goal, sometimes we can push ourselves even farther than we think we are capable of. The clip below is the first episode, of season one, of the game show, ‘Solitary’,  but, it’s not just any game show. Nine individuals are kept isolated for days and are tested mentally, physically and emotionally. They are deprived of sleep, food, and human contact if they fail certain tasks and rewarded if they succeed. It is an interesting social experiment. As the tasks get more difficult, some contestants open up more and reveal their true intentions, share their lives, break down, and/or push through.

Over a few months, I watched every episode of every season. As with any program, you have your favorites. I found myself laughing with some, crying with some and pulling for those who I connected with, for them to succeed. The series is very captivating, especially seeing  how nine different individuals react to the same circumstances. In the beginning, many thought they would win the game because of either their physical strength or their intelligence. Neither proved to be the sole prerequisite to winning  the game. In my opinion, keeping their emotions in check had more to do with them continuing on to the next phase, than anything else. Once their psyche was broken, brute force and intellect did not help them. In fact, during some tasks, some of the stronger contestants were beat by the physically weaker contestants; and, during some of the mental challenges, the more intelligent contestants were beat by the less intelligent.

The program shows how much human contact is important, but, it also shows how a person can either talk themselves into defeat or success. If you have any interest in how the human mind works, or wonder why you or anyone you know or have met, react to certain situations the way they do, I hope you watch the show.

Would you sign up for an experiment like this? Why? Why not? How far do you think you would last?   =====>

Remember, in this game…as in life “You are competing only against yourself” 🙂

If the video above does not play, here is the link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/5272?c=Reality-and-Game-Shows/Competition#s-p2-n1-so-i0

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Thank you and many blessings.


2 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. LOL It’s been over a year since I watched the episodes – although, I did watch Episode #1 and #3, yesterday, to re-familiarize myself with the program. Initially, I remember being hooked more and more with each subsequent episode. As I watched them, it just reminded me of the same exact things that some people have to cope with on the outside – homelessness, hunger, loneliness, sleep deprivation, others messing with their mind, etc – only difference is that this was in a confined space.. Some people have no place to turn and only have themselves to count on. If they are strong-willed they may have moments of doubt, but, they get through it and carry on. On the other hand, others cannot deal with it, and either give up and do nothing with their life, or in the extreme – end their life or the life of others.

    Without giving anything away (in case someone reads this before watching the episode), I was surprised by the first person who “gave up”; and, by the look on their face, that person was in shock that no one gave up before them.

    As far as if I would do the show – having watched all 4 seasons, I would have to say, after the fact, I’m not sure how long I would last, because you do have to be physically fit for some of the challenges – which I am not. However, I think I would do well on most of the mental challenges. My short-term memory isn’t that great, so remembering that long number they kept changing would be difficult, though. The loud noises would not annoy me, at all; I’ve become very good at tuning out “annoyances”, “distractions”, and “negativity”. And, although I love eating and sleeping, I know I would have been able to get through deprivation of both, because I have in the past…more on that in the coming chapters of my autobiography 😉

  2. Uh uh! I watched the entire episode you linked to. Honestly, while it was fascinating, it was more that I’d want to deal with again. To answer your question, nope, wouldn’t even consider it. I would have a problem being in that little space, whether 8×8, as one contestant thought or 9×9, as another said. It was WAY too small for me to consider. I would immediately have felt boxed in right at the beginning (which is why I always say I would never knowingly commit a crime; the thought of a cell…..)! Then, the other things they had to deal with were just too much. Sleep deprivation maybe (since I’m dealing with that right now anyway! 😦 ), but the loud noises, the memory thing with the numbers…, I’d have been on that button so quick, I’d have BEEN gone! Sorry, dear, this just ain’t my cup of tea!! I don’t need to know that much about myself. 😉 So tell me….would you do it? I have a feeling you’d jump at the opportunity.

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