Don’t Rain on Their Parade

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the children’s song, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”. The title is self-explanatory. It’s a song about showing the world how happy you are. It’s a wonderful concept…however,  unfortunately,  sometimes, the response to one sharing their happiness or good fortune with others, is not met with an equally happy response.

A couple of days ago, a Facebook/Twitter friend of mine shared touching photos on Instagram. She had been away from her boyfriend for 7 weeks, and when she returned home, she was greeted by a trail of red roses, which started on the street, to the elevator, to her front door. When I saw the photos, I thought this expression of love was beautiful, and said such in my reply. Apparently, not all were moved by the gesture. I was perplexed when I read her status update on Facebook, which was in response to some of the  feedback she received. I was given permission to share it:

“I would NEVER boast like my relationship is all perfect and what not, but when my baby does something that is worth writing about I WILL…WHY? because it took me 9 yrs to find someone who didn’t make my love for them overshadow their love for me…It feels right, and we love each other the same way behind FB as we do on it. PLUS, it helps for some people to see statuses that PRAISES love instead of… always talking about how miserable one is, or what “he” or “she” did/or didn’t do that gets 40 likes and 100 comments of ppl saying “F” em’ !…If my love helps you believe, then GOOD and if it points out the negatives in your relationship, then it is time for you to do some soul searching…or better yet, search for the “unfriend” button, but I will not downplay my relationship or love for ANYONE so that you can be alright! #BlessandBliss to everyone…esp those that want to find TRUE love! ♥” T.C.
I agree with her 100%  and cannot comprehend why some people take umbrage when others share a happy moment or event – whether it pertains to being happy in love, or happy because of any other special moment(s) in their life.
This is the third instance – on Twitter/Facebook – that I have seen a high-profile person have to defend their excitement over a happy event that occurred in their life. Within the past year, one person that I know and the other that I know of,  expressed their happiness over major accomplishments they achieved. Due to those accomplishments, they were lauded and received major media attention. The increase in their notoriety, brought them new experiences, as well. They shared these experiences with their followers/friends.  (paraphrasing) Some of their tweets: “I just performed with a legend!”, “I can’t believe so-and-so just told me they were a fan of mine!”, “This is my first time on a private jet!”, “I’m going to be guest of honor at a major event!”…  They were both accused of bragging, name-dropping, getting a big head, etc. How is this bragging, name-dropping, getting a big head? Anyone would be excited to meet a living legend, let alone perform with them; how is it name dropping? Should they have said, “I performed with a great entertainer” and left the name of the person out? How is sharing an exciting moment in your career getting a big head? Trust me, I can vouch for how humble and down-to-earth this person is .
Those in the spotlight aren’t the only people who are subjected to negative reactions for their good fortune or accomplishments. I shared with T.C., that for years, I would downplay any positive experiences that I had, because of the fear of negative feedback.  It’s happened quite often over the years, but the two that stand out the most, were from two people who one would think would be the proudest. The first, was the time I won a spelling bee in school. I came home, told my mother and her reply was, “So, I guess that means you think you’re smarter than me?”  The second, was when I was promoted to Program Manager for a TV station I worked for. I shared my excitement with my husband (at the time lol)  His response was, “So you think you’re important, now, huh?” Not only didn’t my husband share in my happiness, he actually tried to sabotage my new position, by hiding my pager, so that the station couldn’t contact me, in case of an emergency.
None of the people above – including myself – were exclaiming, “Look at what happened to me! My life is better than yours!” They were simply trying to share a special moment in their life with those they thought would be happy for them.  It’s a sad commentary, that some people would rather rejoice in the misfortune of others. Some may not be happy or even care, but, on the other hand, why even take the time to respond to the good news of others, if it’s going to be in a negative way? The only thing I can come up with is that perhaps certain situations did not occur in their own lives, and their mindset is, “If it can’t happen to me, I don’t want it to happen to anyone else, either”.  As T.C. expressed above, why should anyone have to downplay their excitement/happiness so that others feel better about themselves or the situations they are in?  If you revel in the happiness of others, that’s wonderful…but, if not, keep your negativity  to yourself and don’t rain on the parade of someone else’s happiness.
And, to T.C. keep sharing – I am POSITIVE that there are more people than not, who are sincerely happy for you and celebrate your happiness…and, LOVE

Have you met the love of your life? Had a once in a lifetime experience? Received an acknowledgement of your talents? SHOUT IT from the rooftops! Everyone deserves to be happy; so, If you’re happy – SHOW IT ! Don’t let the insecurity or envy of others,  stifle your joy. 🙂

I have received many responses to many of the posts on this blog, thus far. However, may I request that you please reply in the comment section of the blog  – as opposed to on Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc. – so that all responses will be together. Your comment may be helpful to others who come across something that they can relate to. You can comment anonymously.

Thank you and many blessings.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Rain on Their Parade

  1. Yes, some people seem not to be positive about ANYTHING! My “friend” is certainly not as blase when she gives me her news, but I do have to admit that she’s never as animated as I am about mine. Actually, I don’t share much there anymore….for obvious reasons. I prefer to share with someone who will be happy for me!

    • That’s a shame that you can’t feel free to share with her anymore. I agree it is much better sharing with someone who is more receptive. In my personal opinion, those who cannot be happy for another are stifling some of their own joy, as well. As T.C. stated in her post, part of the reason for her sharing that special moment was so that their love would help others believe.

  2. J, I’m not sure if it was actually a response to internet replies, but you are correct – some do say things on the internet that they would never say to someone’s face…then, again – sadly, some don’t care either way, and spew negativity and venom, regardless.

    I think someone who has found love and expresses it, shouldn’t even have to explain why they shared the info. I’m still scratching my head, as to how some perceive it as boasting. As T.C. stated, people are so ready to reply to a negative post, with more negativity, but, a positive post, can sometimes garner a similar response (digressing – just check out any YouTube video or replies to any Yahoo post, or news articles, as you mentioned).

    Regarding your “friend”, is she just as blasé when she shares “her” good news with you? And, I concur with your last statement – “Rejoice when good things happen to others…” ♥

  3. What your friend described was just beautiful! We just have to remember that the internet, especially Facebook and Twitter, give haters the opportunity to express their jealousy and insecurities at will. Sometimes I sit at my computer literally with my mouth open at some of the things people say, often totally unnecessary; I mean just in response to a news item, for example. The worst, as you described, is from those you care about, although I fervently hope that they aren’t really thinking because it has certainly happened to me. I have a friend that no matter how excited I am about something, she will usually say something like “Oh yeah?” and then get quiet. As you can imagine, I’ve pretty much given up on that one. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is the perfect lyric to remember when met with the negativity that we’re certain to experience. And we’ve got to remember to rejoice when good things happen to others as well.

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