PUSH…for Positivity

PUSH GIRLS: Mia, Tiphany, Auti and Angela

There are a slew of reality programs currently on the air.  I truly understand that there is an audience for everything, and we all have our ‘guilty pleasure’  TV programs  – but, it’s disappointing that the numbers for reality programs which show women fighting, cursing at each other, backstabbing one another, bullying, talking behind one another’s back, etc. are through the roof.  When.. and why did this  become must-see TV?

Sadly, programs that empower women would most likely plummet in the ratings, if they garnered any noteworthy ratings to begin with, because they are considered too boring. I feel for anyone raising children these days – especially daughters,  if showing inspirational women in a ‘positive’ light on television is cause to grab the remote and change the channel.

A few weekends ago, by chance, I caught a marathon of ‘Push Girls’. It’s a reality show about four women who, through tragic circumstances, have been left paralyzed. The series shows their daily journey, as they at times struggle to overcome their limitations. But, in all honesty, as a viewer – their wheelchairs was NOT all the show was about to me. Yes – there is much talk of the obstacles they have had to overcome, due to needing to use a wheelchair; however, the strength of the program to me, is showing women, who are friends, helping one another with their struggles and issues, as opposed to creating issues for one another.

There are moments of frustration, as to be expected – but, they PUSH themselves past their limitations; they PUSH themselves towards personal goals; they come together, discuss their struggles, and assist one another with following their dreams.

Audi Angel, the dancer

In one episode, a teenage girl  harbored much resentment towards her situation and was ready to give up. Although the many issues she faced could not realistically be solved in a 60 minute program, with Audi’s help, and by listening to what the other women had to say about how they struggled in the beginning, she PUSHed herself to attain a personal goal. I say we need more programs on the air such as these, to show young girls that they can overcome obstacles by believing in themselves and with the help of others. There are already too many programs on TV showing women snatching hair, throwing drinks and calling each other derogatory names.

Let’s PUSH our young girls to do better. By the way, PUSH GIRLS was just renewed last week for a second season. Perhaps there is hope for positive female role models on Reality TV, after all. 🙂

If you would like to watch the first episode, click on this link: http://www.sundancechannel.com/push-girls/


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Thank you and many blessings.

Here is a First Look of the series:


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