Do No Harm

This morning I awoke to news reports of yet another mass shooting. Initially, I thought it was a follow-up report of another shooting, which was reported a couple of days ago. It wasn’t. I remember a time when such incidents would be considered so horrific, news outlets would break-in with the reports,  and there would be a nationwide outcry and memorials to follow. Sadly, these stories have now become so common that they’re not even considered the ‘top story’ of the day, any longer. Are we as a nation becoming desensitized to these tragedies? And, what exactly is causing so many to take their anger out on not only the object of their frustrations, but, any and everyone in their path along the way?

In general, I never understood why any person would cause another person intentional harm. Revenge? Jealously? Or, just a lack of care of concern for people in general? It even saddens me when I see h*te comments  on the internet. What is the point? What satisfaction comes from causing verbal and/or physical harm to another?

I may be looking through ‘rose-colored glasses’, but, I truly wish people would  show more love and compassion to one another. As I stated in a previous post it may be difficult to control your thoughts, but, acting on a negative thought has NO positive outcome, whatsoever. The more you let positive influences into your life, the more positive thoughts will fill your mind.  SPREAD LOVE and God bless us all.

I have received many responses to many of the posts on this blog, thus far. However, may I request that you please reply in the comment section of the blog  – as opposed to on Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc. – so that all responses will be together. Your comment may be helpful to others who come across something that they can relate to. You can comment anonymously.

Thank you and many blessings.


One thought on “Do No Harm

  1. I posted this ‘Thought for Thursday’ yesterday and just woke up to a news story regarding another horrific mass murder that happened last night. Why is there so much disregard for human life? God bless the family and friends of the latest victims of this senseless crime.

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