Be Your Authentic Self

Sooner or later, a lie which is told today, will eventually be revealed tomorrow.

With the news of Lance Armstrong supposedly “coming clean” tonight in his interview tonight with Oprah Winfrey on her network, OWN; the unbelievable story of Manti Te’o’ and the girlfriend who never existed; and, the countless episodes of many pretending to be someone who they are not on the hit TV show, ‘Catfish’, the theme for this weeks ‘Thought for Thursday’ is about the lengths some people go to be something other than who they are.

Lance ArmstrongLance was hailed for years, winning the Tour de France for an unprecedented seven times. He also made headlines for his bout with testicular cancer and for raising millions of dollars for his charity ‘Livestrong’.  He had most rooting for him. After being accused of ‘doping’ for several years, and adamantly denying he had ever done anything wrong, his house of cards started to fall. His deception was due to his quest for money and notoriety. In the end, he will most likely lose both.

Manti Te’oManti Te’o, a linebacker for the University of Notre Dame, is currently embroiled in a suspicious story involving an alleged longtime girlfriend who coincidentally died the same day as his grandmother. According to Te’o, the relationship had taken place entirely online and via phone calls. However, the girlfriend never existed. An investigation is underway to determine whether Te’o was the victim of an elaborate hoax, or if he took part in the deception to get sympathy votes toward his quest to win the Heisman trophy, in which he came in second. Either way, many lies were told, and those who played a part in the hoax will pay a hefty price, as the truth comes to light.

Link to ‘Deadspin’ article, which broke the story:

Computer loveOn the TV show, ‘Catfish’, those who have entered into online “relationships” with others, seek help in meeting their love interests in person. Of the episodes I’ve seen, all have been hiding their true identity for one reason or another.  They told lie upon lie for vengeful purposes, or their own insecurity issues. In the end, the person who was duped, ended up hurt, confused and embarrassed, and the person who perpetuated the fraud ended up being exposed.

As far as the people listed above, everyone can speculate on what their motives were, but no one really knows what is in the mind of someone who makes the conscious effort to deceive. But one thing can be said of all – they lied for self-gratification. Perhaps they had ill intent from the start, or, perhaps they didn’t think things would get out of hand the way it did. But, once you tell one lie, you have to keep telling lie after lie to keep the first lie going.

It’s fine if someone seeks notoriety for their own merits/accomplishments. But, when the desire for attention or accolades overtakes the truth, everything gets skewed and out of control. The lies will eventually bring you down. When you are authentic – warts and all – you may not be the most talked about, liked, sought after or praised, but you will have one thing the others will never have – peace of mind.

I have received many responses to many of the posts on this blog, thus far. However, may I request that you please reply in the comment section of the blog  – as opposed to on Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc. – so that all responses will be together. Your comment may be helpful to others who come across something that they can relate to. You can comment anonymously.

Thank you and many blessings.

Another person who pretended to be someone they weren’t:


3 thoughts on “Be Your Authentic Self

    • I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after reading all of the comments he made regarding their meeting and phone conversations, added to the fact that he never visited her in the hospital, or went to her funeral, I think all signs point to his involvement. Time will tell, and as I stated above, ALL will be revealed.

      • As it turns out, at this time, it seems as if Manti Te’o was a ‘Catfish’ victim. Let this be “another” lesson to all — be cautious before giving your heart and/or money to people you “think” you know…especially, if you ONLY know them via the internet. Not everyone is showing you their AUTHENTIC SELF.

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