TFT418Although the video below is an advertisement to promote a product, and it has garnered some less than positive feedback over the confusion regarding its message, I decided to make it the ‘Thought for Thursday’, this week.

Some have argued that the message is that if women don’t believe that their exterior is beautiful, they will basically fail in every aspect of their life. (Huh?) When I viewed the video last night, before learning of the minor controversy, I had a completely different take on it. In fact, it was the complete opposite. I also watched the videos of each individual woman, which included their back-story, and totally understood the message the ad is trying to convey.

In my opinion, the message has less to do with how you view your physical appearance, than how you feel about yourself to begin with. If you have insecurities and think less of yourself, THAT is what affects every aspect of your life…including how you think you appear. We are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves, sometimes. I think the experiment is very enlightening and should make everyone who views it think about their own self-perception.

As one of the subjects stated, “We should put more energy on the things that we like about ourselves as opposed to the things that we don’t.”

What are your thoughts?

To all see sketches including full videos for each subject, click here:

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Thank you and many blessings.


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