Judging Others…Growth

At the end of 2013, many made resolutions that they were going to make changes in 2014 to “be better”. It’s unfortunate that some continue to bring so much negativity into the new year.

The internet makes it easy for anyone, at any time, able to voice their opinion – warranted or not – on everything. Sometimes, statements and opinions are helpful. Sadly, others choose to take their right to voice their opinion to the extreme of bashing others. Not only is this prevalent on social media sites, but,  just take a look at comments on blogs, comments on YouTube videos, or even comments on random articles on any benign subject matter. It is sad.

Some judge what others do, how they live their lives, what they wear, how they look, etc. It baffles me how many people can be so negative towards others – especially of those they’ve never met –  yet, if the situation were reversed, they would probably be the first to respond, “They need to mind their business!”

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes and fall at varying degrees far from perfection. The goal is NOT to be a perfect person, but, to grow on a daily basis to become better than we were the day before. As with anything, the more you practice at anything, the better you become at it.  Before making a negative comment about another, you might want to shine a light on yourself and make note of your own imperfections.

Examples of some negative comments made online:

  • Newborn baby video on YouTube:

  • Blog on Golden Globe Red Carpet dresses:

  • Comment on a music video performance on YouTube:

  • The following clip from OWN TV, of the Mowry Twins, brought tears to my eyes.


Stop Judging Others



2 thoughts on “Judging Others…Growth

  1. Oh, if only those who need to listen would do so. I too have been saddened by the negativity I read every day on the internet. What a shame that something with the possibility of doing so much good (and it does) offers a format for those who would criticize any and everything, even if it has no impact whtsoever on their own lives.

    • I did not have to do any research for the quotes I posted above. I Googled a random subject and sadly, the comments were readily available. It really is disheartening to see people post their negative opinions about every aspect of the lives of others. And, sometimes they get painfully personal.

      One recent incident that I recall is the hurtful comments that some made about the Mowry twins – Tia’s son and Tamara’s husband. In fact, I’m going to add a clip from their appearance on OWN to this blog post. Some of the comments are downright ugly and horrendous. I cannot comprehend why anyone would intentionally be that cruel to another person.

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