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The Other 4-Letter Word

The word “hate” has always been my least favorite word.  Obviously, there is nothing positive about it. Who has ever smiled while using the word?

To most, the word in itself may seem innocuous, given that it is used in every day speech; however, it can be destructive and in regards to others, it is divisive.

The older I get, the more and more I strive to surround myself with as much positivity as possible. As such, within the last year, any time I’ve used the word to express my displeasure – “I hate that blouse”, “I hated that movie,” I’ve noticed that there was an uneasiness that came over me, after making the statement. Currently, if I were asked to comment, I would phrase it this way – “That blouse is my least favorite,” and “I didn’t really enjoy that movie. ”

It may seem as if there is no getting around the word, If you don’t like something, the first thing that comes to mind is – “I hate it”.

To a certain extent, we cannot control our thoughts; however, we DO have control over our actions.  Once you make a conscious effort to try to delete as many negative words from your vocabulary as possible – such as “hate, ugly,” etc… you’ll notice that it doesn’t enter your thoughts so readily. If you don’t think it – you cannot act upon it and put out negative energy. I truly believe that the less “negative clutter” that is in your mind, the less you express it, the more at peace you become and the less “negative clutter” you will experience  in your daily life.  Try it. The next time you need to express displeasure regarding anything, do your best to censor yourself.  Excise the word “hate” from your vocabulary, and once you’ve mastered that, work on removing other negative words from your vocabulary.  Remember, if you need to use a 4-letter word – LOVE is always available. 🙂

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Thank you and many blessings.


Change Your Attitude, Change Your Day…And, Your Life

If you started 2012 with the same negative attitude that you ended 2011, don’t expect this year to be any better than the last. If you want change, YOU have to make it; it starts with a better attitude.

Take a moment before you react in a negative way. and think about the repercussions of your thoughts and  actions.

A bad attitude never solved any problems. With a positive attitude, you can think clearer and come to a faster resolution of any issue.